Eliminate Downtime to Your Business

SmarterOffice™ Takes Your Business Digital Instantly Safely Transform Your Business online with Bank Grade Security


of organizations have had a loss of confidential documents in the last 12 months.


The growth of data breaches in the last 5 years.


of businesses are exposed to link & email attachment sharing.

BlockCerts Blockchain will empower your business to employ, operate and grow the current issues.

With patented authentication, private keys and a powerful SmarterOffice™ Suite, Move beyond of Physical offices & risks of going digital without security!

Blockchain Solutions – WorkCERTin with Advanced Digital Business Technology

Small Business


BCERTin SmarterOffice™ will get you to work digitally, instantly, work from home



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Mid-Sized Business

New Possibilities

Freedom from an office, quickly add resources, massive ability to scale, via secure collaboration.


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Tailored Solutions

Every industry has a unique digital footprint - let us help you create yours. Securely connect staff, contractors, supply chain vendors globally.

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The Rules of Business Have Changed 
SmarterOffice™ Lets you Re-Write yours!

What if you could:

  • Eliminate your limitation on physical locations
  • Grow your business in new ways with innovative digital business models
  • Build your platform, protect your data, master digital business advantages.

Now Who’s the Boss?

Reduce admin busy-work and costs, get time back, have rapid access to information to make better decisions, reduce legal disagreements, improve relationships, save money and improve the bottom-line.

The key to digital business is  to eliminate data silos. eMail, hard drives, file storage, "boxes" on th cloud are Obsolete (joining the tech graveyard)

  • Searching multiple places for your documents - a thing of the past
  • PDF by email, physical paper - is now out
  • Siloed one trick solutions - can't handle the flow of your business
  • Traditional logins don't protect you proprietary information
  • Paid Password Protection – not needed
  • Unsecured & Manual Payments - gone
  • Centralized storage – Decentralize it

Move to the Next Generation of Business

Tech Solution Timeline


The Secure, All-in-one Business Solution

  • Authenticate every user access
  • Protect your data & your business
  • Eliminate other costly siloed software
  • Save thousands - No license fees
  • Automate and gain efficiencies

Plug your business into the blockchain!

Discover BCERTin™

Digital Business Expertise
Business Leaders

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business?


For over a decade, with nearly 2 million man hours we've got a few ideas! Let us show you how to get digital fast.

Our team of experts, hundreds of use cases and thousands of users have trusted our platforms, expertise and solutions to bring them the freedom, scale and success to transform their business model fast.

Ask us now - a consultant will work through a FREE consultation to find the best solution for your industry and competitive advantage.

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BC Deploy – Use Cases & Industry Solutions

With the BlockCerts platform and our expertise, let us help you and your team create your blockchain masterpiece.

  • Let us review your specific needs
  • We work with our developers, or provide access to our BlockCerts certified blockchain developers
  • Get BlockCerts Blockchain enabled on your project
  • Join our rapidly growing ecosystem to expand your reach
  • Review industries and use cases now

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SignCERTin - The First Smart
Contract Streaming for Business

The future for Smart Agreements leaves paper, pdf’s and e-Sign in the rearview mirror.

With SCaaS, we’ve empowered businesses with a new automated guidance system. Contracts are now a dynamic ecosystem to collaborate on-line, text comments, track updates and versions, trigger \activities and automate payments via the blockchain.

Business now has a GPS to guide the way.

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Encrypted. Safe. Secure.

Stop unauthorized data uses, breaches and centralized companies using your data to run their business. BlockCerts blockchain puts the control of business back in your hands.

Blockchain Decentralized

BlockCerts spent over 1.7M development hours creating the integrated on-ramp to the Smart Contracts as a Service (SCaaS) Decentralized Blockchain ledger and platform.

BlockCerts Contract Vault™

Your BCERTin Contract Vault creates the ultimate security for your files, contracts, pictures and documents forever. Only you hold your private key.

Have piece-of-mind and quick access to your important mission-critical information. When you share anything, it can only by unlocked by who you intend to have access- through BCERT Private Key technology.

Multi-Step Authentication

Immutable Trust is created with every transaction. Each party uploads their picture, ID, or other required information – to confirm their identity. Once certified, they receive their BlockCert Authentication BEFORE they can proceed.

Always Know Your Customer “KYC” and they will know and trust you.

Completely Customizable - Make your Cloud and Digital Strategy Uniquely Yours

Brand for your business. Customize Solutions.

  • Any APPs you currently use can be integrated
  • Any existing Platform can be enabled
  • Any new Development Project can be created and added for scale any time

Enterprise. Government. Institutions have relied on our expertise and digital technology power.

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As Seen In…

“…Blockchain is the next big wave that will propel the world stage forward. We are committed at Rogers Capital, to be the leader at the head of the surf with BlockCerts to power our blockchain initiatives.”

Kabir R., Rogers Capital, CEO, Mauritius

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“We chose Finaeos Core so we could embed our fintech solutions with smart contracts, blockchain Blockcerts and electronic payments. The Finaeos platform allows us to scale and integrate our healthcare services, genetics and…”

Deb H., CEO, EpigeneticsRX, San Diego

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“As an independent musician songwriter, having a simple affordable solution to store, and prove original authorship of my creative intellectual property is important. The advent of Blockchain and BlockCerts has made this affordable…”

River J., Mayne Island

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