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Don’t Start Your Use Case By Reinventing the Wheel

1). It’s costly and you could easily spend 2x to 3x more than you planned.

2). It will take 3x longer than you expected.

3). You’ll experience much frustration in the final delivery.

Accelerate your project by beginning with a leading head-start.

We prove every day how we shorten the window to blockchain ready while saving companies money. Aren’t you ready to join them?

Get on the Blockchain Faster with the Global Leader in Use Case Deployment

1). We’ve already spent 1.7M development hours on our application layer, so you don’t have to.

2). Over 13 years of SaaS creation for unique in-house applications ready for business.

3). The top strategic minds in the business combining business strategy with blockchain integration.

We have 150 in-house developers ready to tailor your solution.

Use Cases – Industry – Integration

Current clients include use cases for supply-chain management, smart contracts, reporting, secure client records, human resources, client record storage, file storage, file sharing, C.R.M., communications and more.

By targeting specific industries, we’ve developed solutions to narrow the time window and simplify what is otherwise complicated. Many solutions are applicable to all industries, so we’re not constricted to the industries below.

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Agriculture, Cannabis, Construction, Entertainment, Healthcare, Human Resources, Mortgage, Real Estate

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Brought to market by the team that made billions in ‘complex transactions’ flow seamlessly through the private placement financial sector, eHealth private and public sector, real estate and mortgage banking – sponsored by Finaeos, in partnership with Microsoft Azure & Oracle Cloud.

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