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  • Token ownership, no more renting. future exchange for token rental, exchange or sales.

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  • Token ownership with future exchange for token rental, exchange or sales.

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  • Includes 3,846 valuable regenerating tokens to transform your business.
  • Token ownership with future exchange for token rental,exchange or sales.

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About the ExMarkets Exchange:

On 4-20-2020 BlockCerts was listed on the ExMarkets Exchange as a “Pre-Trading Token under “BCERT”.

ExMarkets is the most popular IEO Launch Pad in the World. It’s the starting point for the most promising blockchain, utility token projects in the digital currency space. An IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering.

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Download Valuable BCERT Tokens

And Own Your Software, Data and More

BCERT Tokens are the next Generation, Gen 2 - fully functional blockchain based units.

The BCERTin Solution provides a full suite of digital business tools to BCERT Token holders

BCERTin removes the costs of license fees.

BCERTin gives 100% software and data control to BCERT Token members via private keys.

Gen 1 Tokens Stopped at speculation.

BCERT Tokens starts with valuable functions and increases in value from there.

*Pre-Public Pricing – for a limited time only

On 4-2-2020 BlockCerts was listed on Exmarkets, the leader in IEO listings. This is currently a pre-trading status, which will go public for trading in the near future at $1.00.

Receive your Free BCERTin wallet to store BCERT tokens, save as an asset, use as an asset in your business to run powerful software to eliminate rental costs! Integrate with the coming release of WorkCERTin™ or private label or let us create your own use case from over 400 proprietary applications.



Basic Package

Basic is your kick-starter entry into the Patented BlockCerts Blockchain world of BCERT token value.

  • Download your free BCERTin wallet to store your tokens.
  • Get Authenticated and Create your private key. Protect your identity and all transactions
  • Your BCERT tokens are an asset that you own, with instant utility value through software use and future value based on the BlockCerts network of transactions.
  • Use BCERT tokens with the future WorkCERTin software to store files and share files (and stop paying for Dropbox fees), create smart contracts (and your $500 tokens has paid for itself in Docusign or other eSignature fees.
  • Use to on-board employees, authenticate their identity and protect your business.
  • Stop paying for seat-fees for multiple software with employees (an average of $780 per employee)
  • Share a future download and token with your professional network for your attorney, realtor, financial planner to create secure transactions and more!

Note: If you have more than a couple of employees, we recommend the Plus package. If you find that you can use all of your tokens, don’t sweat it, tokens are an asset that you own, which can be held, exchanged or sold once the FusionSTX public exchange is established!


Most popular download. A quick and easy way to enter the BlockCerts Blockchain Universe - and at a big discount to the pending public pricing coming - $.99.

This is not a token for speculation, but a work-horse utility token to power your home or your business. The Plus level will provide enough power to save $2,300 a year or more in software costs with just 3 employees!

BCERT tokens are an asset that can also be rented or sold in the future! You’ll receive Pre-discounted tokens vs the future retail rate of $.99 with the Plus package.

See BCERTin for our program benefits. .


Take advantage of the Pro program and receive 2x the tokens at a rate of $.50 a token to the future public offering price. You’ll also save thousands annually vs paying for all of those SaaS seat fees for each employee.


Now you’re growth isn’t limited to constrained costs from every new employee added. Expand your collaboration and contracts to your customers and vendors and strengthen your relationships (and propel your revenues!).

About BCERT Tokens

A BCERT Token is an asset to run your business, it’s a utility token with incredible built-in value.

BCERT Tokens are the transportation tools of transactions. They transport value that ends in an authentication, a log and a completed smart contract, purchase and/or payments.  

All of this happens when single BCERT Tokens move by the millions, and fuses together the hashes of data that create the blocks on the BlockCerts Blockchain – to create the fully distributed immutable critical record.

There are over 400 proprietary software applications today within BlockCerts with a growing number of future applications. Today BlockCerts supports seed to sale tracking, KYC identification, large digital security exchange transactions, business software transactions and more.

BCERT tokens are held in your BCERTin Token Wallet and can be used for powering your new software and in the future, rented, traded or sold. It is anticipated that the BCERT Tokens will be listed in early 2Q 2020 on the FusionSTX exchange and traded on the exchange in the summer of 2020.

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Pricing FAQ’s

How many tokens do I need?

The Token Calculator is coming soon.

For a one-person business, we recommend the “Basic” program, which has 500 tokens (you’ll save a few hundred dollars over what your paying now in your first year and $500 a year thereafter).

If you have a business with more employees, customers and contracts, you’ll want a higher plan. Remember, every token is an asset, one that you will be able rent or sell in the future. To protect yourself from token inflation, we recommend purchasing a higher level of tokens.

How do I get more tokens?

Tokens are an asset that can be used in place of a myriad of current siloed services you’re paying for annually, year after year.

To order more tokens you can click on the shopping cart or within your app and add to your token wallet from your smart phone.

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