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As a Small Business Owner, you do it all. There never seems to be enough time to get it all done and it’s stressful putting yourself on the line everyday.

You worry about cash flow, the cost of running the business, keeping it secure, getting good help and retaining them, revenues & keeping customers. If only there was a tool to address it all.

Meet BCERTin™, the tool to set you free.

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Are You Using an Abacus in a Digital Age?

Think about it. You want to get back more time, get ahead of the competition, improve revenues and finally have some piece of mind. But, are you using tools that are holding you back?

You might not realize it because it just happens. There are factors that are straining your cash flow, slowing you down, taking your time and exposing your business - giving you more headaches.

You can’t get ahead using antiquated solutions.

Skip a Generation –
Or Two or Three

It’s what happens when you combine the next generation of blockchain with a full suite of tools to totally change the game.

The Blockchain isn’t just for big business. This transformative technology is here for you today and it’s in a simple download.

Why It’s Transformative:

  • No more “seat fees” to strain your cash flow.
  • De-centralized data means encrypted protection to remove data breaches that can cripple a business.
  • Authentication & private keys keep your business secure and accessed by only those you chose.
  • A token powers a full suite of software that solves the “gaps” that existed in cobbling multiple solutions together.
  • You’re no longer reliant upon antiquated technologies like email, “shared links”, attachments & scanners.

One Suite to Power Your Business

BCERTin™ - Your Small Business Just Got Bigger

BCERTin™ - Gives you big business tools to catapult your small business.
You’ll look back after using it and wonder how you ever got along without it.


And Reduce Your Biggest Pain Points

Surveys say the top 5 reported pain points for small business are:

  • 1). Cash Flow & Cost of Running a Business
  • 2). Not Enough Time in the Day
  • 3). Hiring and Retaining Quality Staff
  • 4). Revenue & Sales
  • 5). Gaining and Keeping Customers

Sound familiar? With BCERTin™ we’ve got you covered.

You’ll save an average of $780 per employee in seat fees. Smart Streaming contracts save time, streamline hiring and retaining employees & create better relationships with customers, which improve sales and minimize legal disputes, among other benefits.

BCERTin SmarterOffice™
Run Your Business from the Palm of Your Hand

What if you could do everything from signing, sharing, storing, discussing, collaborating, delivering and paying or getting paid - with complete certainty and all in one place?

Eliminate risks so you can sleep at night, while reducing your monthly costs. Get started with BCERTin™ and see how.

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