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“We are very pleased to have the involvement of BlockCerts with Rogers Capital in bringing blockchain to our Corporate, Technology and Financial Services- while we continue on the path to pursue new opportunities. The Rogers Group has been operating for over a century in its markets. Blockchain is the next big wave that will propel the world stage forward. We are committed at Rogers Capital, to be the leader at the head of the surf with BlockCerts to power our blockchain initiatives.”

Kabir Ruhee, Rogers Capital Chief Executive Officer


“We chose Finaeos Core so we could embed our fintech solutions with smart contracts, blockchain Blockcerts and electronic payments. The Finaeos platform allows us to scale and integrate our healthcare services, genetics and pharmacogenetics services with our largest customers and emerging markets. Our systems were cobbled together and incapable of taking advantage of the latest technologies like blockchain. With the Finaeos platform, we were able to convert our primary business model requirements from patient management, to labs, genetic testing and pharmaceutical distribution. Now we have an ecommerce platform encompassing smart contracts, validation tracking and payment settlement through blockchain. We researched technology solutions for years. Finaeos Core was the only fully configurable, comprehensive solution available that allowed us to rapidly deploy with our providers, patients and large enterprise clients.”

Deb H., CEO EpigeneticsRx, San Diego, CA

United States

“As an independent musician songwriter, having a simple affordable solution to store, and prove original authorship of my creative intellectual property is important. The advent of Blockchain has made this affordable. Similarly having a business platform where I can promote and license my work would also have been expensive and time consuming to create. With BlockCerts, not only do I get the platform and experience I need, but operations are on a per transaction cost basis rather than the traditional expensive seat licenses. Game changer!“

River J, Mayne Island, BC

British Columbia

“As a banker over the past decade with one of the largest banks in India, I’ve seen the inefficiencies in financia, banking and business practices. That’s why I joined BlockCerts. Blockchain holds big benefits and BlockCerts already has major applications for users today”.

Sanjay R., HDB Finance, Mumbai


As a small business operator in the healthcare field, keeping patient information secure and accessible only to people who have a right or need to know is paramount. Blockchain suggested an ideal solution, but building a custom system would, for our purposes, have been impossibly expensive to build from scratch. “BlockCerts was the only blockchain company that had the platform and experience needed to implement our solution.”

Sydney B., Founder, Medical Buddy Solutions, Vancouver


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